Chief Media Officers’ Warning

Printed to comply with Government legislation (LN25.6) for independent media – sectn. 218.7a

Media Hell – Our new media site.
NSPCONational Society for the Prevention of Cruelty in Offices, our sister site.
Disinfotainment – Great site of low-brow art, zines, books, stickers, T-shirts, etc.
Censored research – Research on aspects of the Iraqi death counts issue.
General United Industries – Blog of fictional 103 yr-old CEO, 'Capitalist from Hell'.
Workrant – Rants from employees who hate their jobs and/or their bosses.
Ironic Times – Ironic takes on the news.
CLAWS – "Creating Liveable Alternatives to Wage Slavery".
The Revolution® – Forward- looking and horseshit-free political platform.
What the World Wants – The world’s economic, social and environmental problems can be solved using 30% of the money currently spent on the military.
Buckminster Fuller Institute – Learn about “humanity’s option for success.” Fuller’s ideas are now more relevant than ever.
Take the Rich Off Welfare – Corporations receive more in welfare (subsidies, tax credits etc) than all needy individuals put together.
Obedience – A description by Stanley Milgram of his famous and shocking experiments in human obedience.
Network News – take a break from consensus reality.
Terrorism in context – Good summary of data comparing terrorism with mundane threats.
Decadent Action – Promotes the end of capitalism through hyper-inflation. Get out those credit cards and spend.
The End of Work – We don’t agree with all Jeremy Rifkin’s points, but at least he’s raising the issue, unlike politicians.
Satellite360 – Literary quotes.

New Escapologist – a brilliant magazine on the theme of escape (as a sane response to an insane situation).
The Idler – The essential UK magazine for idlers/dissenters. There's also a forum for Idlers.
It Was Him! – Excellent galleries of a type of subvertising not found in Adbusters.
Citizen’s Income – A sane alternative to the limiting job-or-welfare ‘choice.’
Robert Anton Wilson – RAW’s writings now seem more important than ever. Essential and fun. See, also, this: RAW resource.
Postmodernism Generator – Randomly generate your own completely meaningless, intellectual-sounding essay.
Idle Theory – Theoretical alternative to work-crazed economics. Unique and rich in ideas.
Demotivators – You’ve probably seen those framed prints in offices, with "Success" slogans. This company sells the opposite.
Cliché Finder – To be accepted by stupid people, you need to learn to speak in clichés. This site may help.
Watching Them, Watching Us – Monitors the increasing use of CCTV in the UK.
Loompanics – Excellent book publisher and supplier covering those extreme subjects other publishers won’t touch. Worth visiting for the book blurbs alone.
The Abolition of Work – The famous essay by Bob Black.
Basic Income (BIEN) – As the market value of human labour decreases (relative to automation), an alternative to the current job-or-welfare system is needed to pay people a reasonable income.
The RICH Economy – An early article by Robert Anton Wilson. “What I am proposing, in brief, is that the Work Ethic (find a Master to employ you for wages, or live in squalid poverty) is obsolete.”