Email addresses of journalists


Use the following email addresses to contact journalists with your questions/complaints...
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Note: Some of the following email addresses may be OUT-OF-DATE, as page hasn't been updated for some time.


For general complaints use the BBC form:
Serious complaints can be escalated to the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit, at: Media Centre, Media Village, White City, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TQ (Tel: 020 8743 8000  Fax: 020 8008 1864).

Note: BBC email addresses have the format: (with some exceptions) – eg

Helen Boaden (Director, BBC news)

Peter Horrocks (Head of BBC TV News)

Peter Barron (Editor, BBC2 Newsnight)

Mark Popescu (Editor, BBC News 24)

Craig Oliver (Editor, BBC1 Ten O'Clock News)

Steve Herrmann (Editor, BBC News Online)

Ceri Thomas (Editor, Radio 4 Today Programme)

Peter Rippon (Editor, Radio 4 PM Programme)

Nick Robinson (BBC Political Editor)

Mark Easton (BBC News reporter – often covers crime)

Gavin Hewitt (BBC News reporter – often covers crime)

Paul Mason (Reporter, BBC2 Newsnight)

Kirsty Wark (Presenter, BBC2 Newsnight)

Gavin Esler (Presenter, BBC2 Newsnight)

John Humphrys (Presenter, Radio 4 Today Programme)

Sarah Montague (Presenter, Radio 4 Today Programme)

James Naughtie (Presenter, Radio 4 Today Programme)

ITV & Channel 4 news (ie ITN), Channel 5, etc

Note: ITN employees use the email address format: (with some exceptions).

Jonathan Munro (Head of news, ITN)

Ian Rumsey (Editor, ITV News)

Bill Neely (Editor, International news)

Robert Moore (ITN Washington correspondent)

Jim Gray (Editor, Channel 4 News)

Jon Snow (Presenter, Channel 4 News)

Jane Dougall (Reporter, Channel 5 News)

Newspaper editors/writers

Simon Kelner (Editor, The Independent)

Leonard Doyle (US Editor, The Independent)

Rupert Cornwell (Chief US Commentator, The Independent)

Andrew Buncombe (Asia correspondent, The Independent)

Katherine Butler (Foreign Editor, The Independent)

Andrew Grice (Political editor, The Independent)

Tristan Davies (Editor, Independent on Sunday)

Alan Rusbridger (Editor, The Guardian)

Georgina Henry (Executive Comment Editor, The Guardian)

Larry Elliott (Economics editor, The Guardian)

Richard Norton-Taylor (Security issues, The Guardian)

Michael White (Political editor, The Guardian)

Roger Alton (Editor, The Observer)

Andrew Rawnsley (Associate political editor, The Observer)

Note: Some email addresses may be OUT-OF-DATE, as page hasn't been updated for some time.